Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Getaway

My husband and I got to get away for a few days. We both needed it. I think the last time we went anywhere just the two of us was our anniversary, December 2009. We really needed a getaway.

I didn’t really have too many expectations for the trip except that I just knew I needed it. I needed a break. I really just focused on getting everything done, the kids packed and over to Grandma’s and us packed and on our way. I didn’t think very much past that point.

I did know one thing though. The trip needed to be about us. We both have plenty of things to pursue: books to read, things to study, think about, write, etc. but without even discussing it, we both kind of mentally laid all that aside. I checked in on Facebook one time. I glanced at my email maybe once. And that was it for social media. No Instagram. No blogging. I even stopped writing in my head.

We just focused on being together. It was like it was before- before the kids. Like it was back when we were newlywed and totally wrapped up in one another.
It was wonderful & just what we needed.

I think I took about 5 pictures. And they were all like this:


I needed to be reminded what it is to just be a wife. 

Sweet ladies we met at the scenic overlook took this one for us:)

Seems ironic that this trip was the week before Mother’s Day;)

It’s challenging ya know, being Mommy & Wife. I love my babies, but I loved their daddy first. Our love is foundational to their life. It is critical that the foundation be maintained. 

I write Mommy Resolutions because I want to be the best mommy I can be. Well, to be the best mommy I can possibly be, I need to be the best wife I can possibly be. It’s not easy being both, especially at this stage of our life, but it’s vital for our family. I can’t say I have it figured out, how to be undivided in my focus, divided among 6 souls. But I know it’s possible. It’s possible because of Christ. And so I’ll keep trying to get that figured out.

I’m so thankful for my husband and the relationship that God has grown between us. We have been shown great mercy in a broken world, to be where we are 13 years and 5 children since we became man & wife, to be able to step away and feel like newlyweds again. 

Jonas took this one for us the Sunday after we got back-Mother's Day

Josh, I love you more than I ever have before. Let's keep building this thing. Us. You’re stuck with me babe, ‘til one of us goes home;) 

{When I started writing down my Mommy Resolutions a few years ago, I also started writing Wife Resolutions. This resolution brings the two lists together.}

P.S. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa for taking care of our babies while we were away!!!!


  1. So so happy for you guys, that you were able to get away! Mary, you haven't changed a bit!

  2. This is so sweet! I'm glad you and your husband got to get away. We don't have kids yet, but it's really great to be reminded that the marriage relationship is so foundational to your whole family. You don't hear that much these days!


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