Why Upsiedaisy

{why I named my blog...}

"Upsiedaisey Mommy!"  
I don't even know where she first heard the phrase, but she says it as one word in her sweet little two year old voice. It's so precious that I can't be irritated that she has come to tell me of her mishap. I smile even as I clean up the mixture of popcorn and chocolate milk that she concocted and then spilled on the dining table. I don't always smile, but this time I do. It's a precious season of life, hardly ever easy, but so precious.

I was trying to think of a name for my blog, something that could encompass all that is my life, so as not to lock into any one aspect. What is my life? Well, I'm a mommy, before that a wife & before that a daughter of The King, follower of Jesus Christ. I have more roles than "mommy", but that one is huge right now. It probably always will be. And that's a good thing, a high & heavy calling, a weighty responsibility.

I looked up the word "Ups-a-daisy". The Phrase Finder says that all the variant spellings mean "An exclamation made when encouraging a child to get up after a fall or when lifting a child into the air." That's it. That describes one of my overarching life dreams- To ENCOURAGE!  To encourage those who have had a fall, and to lift up those who may be down. To encourage my family, my children & my best friend –my husband. To encourage myself. To encourage YOU! I want my life as a mommy to encourage YOU.

So it's a good name for my blog.

I am a Christ follower, best friend & helper to my husband and I am an "Upsiedaisy Mommy".

I spelled it the way she says it. I smile every time I write it :-)

"...that their hearts may be encouraged, being knit together in love, 
and attaining to all riches of the full assurance of understanding, 
to the knowledge of the mystery of God, 
both of the Father and of Christ."
 Colossians 2:2

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