Monday, March 4, 2013

Month in Review: February

Well, February has drawn to a close. For being the shortest month of the year, it sure seems pretty full looking back on it. 
Here are some “highlights” from our February 2013

1st Mommy gets to go to “girls night” at her friend Beth’s house. She steals a very cute mug in the mug-exchange game (& feels a tiny bit guilty), but it’s part of the game:)

2nd Pancake breakfast, haircuts, a trip to the “red” park & mommy does babysitting for date-exchange

3rd 1st Sunday Fellowship meal at church, Life group immediately after meal since it is “super bowl Sunday”. Daddy makes bacon & jalapano wrapped chicken & we go to Grandpa & Grandma’s to watch the super bowl. More about that weekend here

6th One of the children sleep-walks & uses the vacuum as a potty. It does kind of look like a toilet. We cleaned it really, really well (or Joseph wouldn't be near it in this pic)

7th Mommy makes a t-shirt scarf for Aunt Joy. Birthday supper for Aunt Joy at Grandma & Grandpa’s.

Birthdays of the month (Pic: Grandma's chalk art): Aunt Joy, Aunt Emily, Davis, Aunt Joanna

8th Corn chips in the ice cubes, Pellie gets her sewing machine set up, date night for Daddy & Mommy

9th Game morning at Grandpa & Grandma's, daddy is out-of-town for work for half the day and Pellie cuts her finger tip, almost from nail to nail, while working on her sewing project (the pic was taken long after all the bleeding stopped & the bleeding took a looooong time to stop)

10th Church & family lunch

11th Took pics for nephew's surprise b-day gift

13th Guitar lessons with Daddy

14th V-day! Three special things: 1) A shampoo, trim & blowdry at the beauty college. 2) McDonalads french fries. 3) Starbucks white chocolate mocha with caramel drizzle while hanging out at Starbucks just talking, eye-to-eye, with the love of my life

15th Valentine’s Day party with home school friends

16th Girls Valentine’s breakfast with Grandpa at the 5 and Diner, Boys doughnuts with Daddy, Davis’ 1st birthday party-theme: The Hungry Caterpillar

17th Church, Josh & older three go to Daniel's concert in Guthrie, OK

20th Snow Day!

21st Chick-fil-A supper with Grandpa & Grandma Johnson, Aunt Liz & Uncle Charlie, who made a quick trip up from Louisiana

22nd Nail polish disaster & epic family movie night (Josh set up the projector)

23rd Joseph is ten months!

25th Spoon in the toilet

26th Funeral for dear older friend. During the funeral Josiah starts crying, crumples to floor as though passing out & is unresponsive. We are worried & take him to the Dr, who determines he had a migraine. He’s back to his normal self quickly.

And that about wraps up February!

How was your month?

The inspiration for this post came from Mary Beth's Weekend link-up.
(Once a month will have to do for us for now)
Check out her link-up! 


  1. I use to do a monthly recap myself, but found it was actually harder on me. So I decided to jump in with Mary Beth and do weekly ones. Either way, it gets memories logged. Just gotta find what works best for you and go for it. Lovely recap!

    1. Definitely! I love how doing these recaps goes along with my scrap-booking (digital now days) to preserve memories for my family. Thank you!


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