Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1st Family Christmas Vacation, Part 2

Part 2 
   What we did there

We own a timeshare. I'd like to say as little as possible about that. I'll just say we purchased it many years ago & that there are pros & there are cons. Since we do own it, we consider it good stewardship to make use of it and we did on this trip. 

We stayed in a two bedroom unit with a living room & tiny kitchen. We purchased food for all the meals we would need from a local grocery store. We also made a trip to the specially meat store where Klifton's mother Lavenia (Josh's sister Joanna's  mother-in-law) works to say "hello!" and purchased a crawfish stuffed chicken while we were there. 

We spent the majority of the first day at the indoor water park at the resort. It has a kids area, lazy river, wave pool & -my favorite- slides! The babies took naps while we were there. After an early supper, Josh and the big three went back until closing time and had the place to themselves! 

A good treat to end the day with was popcorn & hot chocolate:-) 

Day two we decided to do some other activities. We tackled mini golf, tennis, & shuffleboard. We took some games back to our unit & introduced the kids to Sorry & Skip-Bo. We wrapped up the day with a trip to the more rustic part of the resort for some tether ball, a walk out on the pier & even braved part of a nature trail. We finished up the day with that stuffed chicken and fresh spinach. It was delicious and there were no leftovers! 

Content to watch

Nature Trail

Super Yummy Supper!

Pellie likes to make sure Mommy & Daddy are in the pictures. This is one of her shots.

Day three was pack-up & head home day. We did make one stop before we left the resort to try & feed the squirrels, "peanut" specifically, but they didn't cooperate. 

Where is Peanut & his friends?!?

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