Monday, December 17, 2012

1st Family Christmas Vacation, just us :-)

Part 1

It's logistically challenging, traveling with several young children. I'm usually surprised at the amount of work it takes to get us off and going on a trip. And this one did not even require us taking our own bedding or towels. I packed with this thought in mind "take as little as possible", and it still seemed to be an almost insurmountable task!

But we were off!

Josh & I had planned and executed part 1 of our first ever surprise Christmas family vacation! At ages 9 & under the kiddos were fairly content to head off on a trip knowing nothing about our destination, and they didn't seem to realize that there were suitcases in the back. Hee hee. They would be thrilled to learn we were headed to Texas. They seem to think Texas is a pretty amazing place, probably because of the memory associations of a few past trips there. When you ask Jonas what he wants to do when he grows up he says he and Josiah will own a ranch in Texas. Anytime the possibility of a trip comes up they say "Let's go to Texas!" Well, we were on our way and they had no idea. It's one of the fun parts about being a parent :-)

Many hours later...we made it!

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