Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What You do Daily {printable}

The beginning of a new year
For me, also the beginning of a new year of life.
My birthday month & a brand new 12 months waiting to be lived-
must be time for planning
and dreaming
and writing it all down.

I love planning.
When I start to feel grumpy it’s probably time for some writing & dreaming & planning. That’s how my thoughts get processed, the emotions get untangled so I can see what the thinking is behind the feeling. So I can remember what’s important and take stock of my life to see if I’m on the right path, to check on my baby steps and see if I’m baby-stepping in the direction I want to go. 
The thing with baby steps is, they will get you were you want to go as long as you keep pointed in the right direction.

Last year I came across a blogpost about daily reading rituals by Laura Vanderkam. The very first sentence grabbed my attention. The article was good, but it was that one sentence that wouldn’t turn lose of my brain.

“What we do daily has a profound effect on our lives.”

I started thinking about what the things were that if I did them daily would have the profound effect I wanted. What daily tasks would baby step me in the direction I wanted to go? 

I dreamed about my life for a while, what I wanted it to look like. Then
I made a list.
& of course I needed to be able to see that list everyday so I typed it up in PicMonkey so I could make it something I wanted to look at everyday & this is the result:

{I just printed it out on regular paper & hung it up on a clipboard.}

I wrote & typed up my list not only for myself but also with the consciousness {& hope} that my children might soak up some of the daily habits of profound effect, either by seeing the list or by watching me. Because as a parent {or as a human} growing & pursuing my purpose is bigger than just me.

You are welcome to use my list,
but I do think there is something very important about the process of thinking about what we want in our individual lives,
making a list.

I think we all have our own lists to make.
Feel free to use mine as a starting place if you like.

It’s just that time of the year ya know. Re-thinking life & plans & 12 fresh months waiting for action. 
Honestly, I have to do this way more often than once a year,

daily probably. 

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