Saturday, May 10, 2014

A Story for Mother's Day

It has been a year since I last posted.

Mother’s Day a whole year ago.

Well, tonight I’m no longer waiting for an opportunity, I’m just jumping in and here we go…

A Mother’s Day Story

Or rather, a Story for Mother’s Day.

The story does involve two holidays neither of them Mother’s Day. It starts out with Independence Day actually, one 4th of July, when a little girl asked her mother to help her with some preparations for the holiday. I believe she was making cupcakes, or some other treat to celebrate the patriotic day. She was disappointed when her mother turned down her request. Her mother you see had lost a brother fighting for his country on that day. It was a hard day for her mother and she chose not to celebrate it.
The impact on the little girl was such that she determined never to let a tragedy and a holiday combine to affect a child who simply wanted to celebrate.

She remembered years later and her determination was strong.

As a child, it was years before I even knew that my mother had lost her mother unexpectedly on Christmas Day, the second holiday in this story.

To this day, Christmas is my favorite holiday. Many of my most cherished memories center around that holiday. And there was never even a hint of sadness, much less a reluctance to celebrate that holiday.

A determined little girl grew up to become a determined momma. Mine.

Sometimes it takes years to understand what our mothers do for us. We will probably never know the full extent of the sacrifices of love made by mothers who determine to give their children the happiest childhoods possible. And yet, I know this is not the case for every child. I have a gift beyond every earthly valuable object.

I have a mother who loved me.

And still does.

And that is only one little story among many of how my mother showed- shows- me that love.

I hope you have a good day Mom. You’re the best. Thank you.

-Oh, and mom, if I got any details wrong let me know;) 

I love you,


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