Monday, April 15, 2013

What to do if a full cup of red strawberry soda tips over in your van...


1. Pull over as quickly & safely as you can (preferably NOT angled across the handicap-parking spaces).

2. Grab the most absorbent, least-likely-to-matter-if-it-gets-stained-cloth-item (in our case, a baby blanket that has been around since the first boy baby) and soak up as much as possible.

3. Toss the ice out the window and grab the baby wipes (always keep baby wipes on hand even after no one is in diapers anymore!) Press them into the carpet one after the other until they stop turning red or pink. Use your foot to press them down on the carpet if possible. Also, alternate hands so they stain pink evenly. 

I did not alternate hands:/

4. Sit back and be thankful to the God of every tiny detail that the drink did not land in the purse &/or diaper bag just inches away.

5. Repent to the kids for reacting badly.

6. Forbid the children from EVER bringing RED STRAWBERRY DRINK IN THE VAN AGAIN!!!

Not perfect, but not too bad either for a baby wipe job

Possible 7th step: have a lesson on the wisdom of using a cup holder rather than placing drink cups on the flat space between the cup holders:-) 

p.s. Where did that drink come from? 
We had made a trip to one of the kids favorite places:-)
Little man enjoying a chicken nugget, oblivious to the joys-& horrors- of strawberry soda


"What? You too?!"