Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Month in Review: March

Art by Pellie

I’m afraid, to be honest, this was not the best month we’ve ever had. There were not too many days when I was feeling real great and you know how it goes- if Momma’s not well... 

But there were some highlights:)

1st Wrestling with daddy, Epic tent building, Date night

8th Day out with Grandpa for older three. Birthday celebration for Aunt Joanna & Aunt Jennifer

9th Build & Grow with daddy where they were given Chick-Fil-A vouchers! So we met for lunch at CFA. Josh out-of-town rest of the day, kids go with Aunt Rachel, Aunt Joy and Grandma to Mr. Doug’s to do metal work (Josiah burns his hand), then over to Aunt Rachel’s to play with the dogs. Aunt Rachel makes supper for us:)

12th Uncle Charlie’s birthday

14th Stomach virus of horror hits the house. Poor guy actually fell asleep like that. Momma’s symptoms last for 4 days

24th The AWANA grand prix. We bring home trophies for speed and design! The kid's cars were named “The Stoplight”, “The Pink Tiger” & “The Cobra"

28th Another date night!

29th Josh is off work today! Epic movie night with the first Star Wars ever made projected on the wall

30th Egg dying and The Egg Drop

31st Easter Sunday. A very special day for us. Our firstborn is baptized and proclaims to her church that she is a child of God and follower of her Savior Jesus Christ! Easter dinner at Grandpa & Grandma’s and an egg hunt
Just wanted to share a few more:)

Grandma posted some pics from Easter weekend too!

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  1. Awww....lovely lovely memories!!! I'm afraid when the stomach bug hits here, things get sour too! :) Never an easy task when you have multiple children. And your Easter looks so fun! I was wondering it Owasso was doing the egg drop again this year. So cool... Thanks for linking up, friend!!!

  2. I love the month in review ideal. Of course the pictures are awesome again. The Easter Sunday was really special with the oldest grandchild getting baptized and the family getting together after church. What a blessing!

  3. Lovely! You have such a precious family!


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