Saturday, December 8, 2012

Experiences of Christmas

Christmas is more than one day, it’s a whole season and it happens to be my favorite :-) While we all look forward to the fun of gifts, Josh & I want to focus on the experience of Christmas with our young family, this year more than ever. After all, that’s where the lasting memories will be made. I do remember several special gifts from childhood Christmases, but mostly I remember the experiences, the traditional activities my family participated in year after year. Now, we are attempting to go very easy on the budget this year and the nice thing about activities during the Christmas season is that so many of them are free! Saturdays are daddy’s day off, so this morning (armed with PB&J, chips, water & diaper bag) we headed out for some Christmas experiences.

First stop was Lowe’s Build & Grow. This is one of our year-round favorite activities, but for Christmas it’s extra special. It takes a bit of patience, but it’s worth it!

Getting started!

Even the littles can hammer

Well, maybe not the youngest

It's important for parents to be in some of the pics- even if you have to photo bomb :-)

A good tip- label while still at the store!

We had to stop to look at books on the way out

All done!

After Build & Grow we headed to Bass Pro, enjoying our delicious PB&J lunch on the way. This was our first family trip to the store since moving to Oklahoma and it is definitely an experience, especially at Christmas! 

There were A LOT of people there!

Craft table!


Waiting their turn to race the cars. Love the joy on the faces!

Content to watch

Momma and the babies

Lots of opportunities for shooting things. It is Bass Pro after all :-)

Lots of photo opps

It was time to get some tired children, complete with happy memories, home. 

This is my first EVER blog post and it is all due to my friend Emily Netz. She has inspired me to start on this blogging journey. I will be linking up this post to her Christmas link party. Thank you Emily!


"What? You too?!"