Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1st Family Christmas Vacation, the end

Part 4
   Notable Quotes & Moments from the trip

Kids on a wall

 Josh "Boy, you'd better not pee on me!" (there are not many bathrooms along the Indian Nation Turnpike)
Jonas: "Why would they have a garage over the water" (he had spotted a boat house with a door that did make it look like a garage)
Jonas again: "I'm hungry momma, I really am" (we picture Roly from 101 Dalmatians when he says that)
Josiah: "how many hairs are UPON my head?"

No Fear

Sweet Girl

Josiah almost drowning in the wave pool 
Josh realizing he had forgotten his swimsuit
Slides being pitch black at night
Parent & child sliding down the big slide together in the double tube
One child wanting to play every sport/game perfectly the first time & pouting when it didn't happen
Kids getting hole-in-ones on the putt-putt course
Mommy vs Daddy in tether ball. Mommy cheated.
Watching HGTV extreme homes
Biggest poop ever by Joseph, all the way up to the neck 
Jonas turning on the jets in the tub when the water level was too low
Kids practicing violin pieces for recital on Saturday
Super green smoothies
Petra, just being precious. Most of the time. 
Playing the ABC signs game on the drive

Ice Cream on the couch!

Stroller Vs. Stairs

Beautiful Smile!

Loves her Daddy

Not quite in the picture-taking mood

Other than the usual challenges of traveling with 5 children ages 7 mo-9 (they just don't behave perfectly-imagine! & the 7 month old doesn't really have the sleep thing down yet), it was a great trip! Very ready to be out of this confined space (the van) and back in our home-sweet-home!

Home to our tree!

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